We started Hoops to give top job seekers a chance to show who they really are, beyond résumés and applications, and to match them with exceptional companies looking to fill open positions with the best talent available. Everyone deserves to work for an employer who values their individuality as well as what they can contribute. Hoops gives job seekers a way to show both.

We believe that employees deserve to work for companies that are committed to delivering an outstanding job experience. Hoops employers have been carefully screened and selected by our team because they believe what we believe - that amazing employees are what make a business great.

Leadership Team

Bill Carroll


As the CEO of Hoops, Bill’s primary responsibility is to make sure the company delivers on its promise to revolutionize the way companies recruit and hire. Along with the Leadership team, Bill helps shape and implement the overall corporate strategy for Hoops.

John Briggs

Chief Xperience Officer

John's role as Chief Xperience Officer involves regular interaction with our clients to ensure they are receiving the full range of benefits that the Hoops platform has to offer. He serves as the primary liaison between our growing client base and the Hoops team.

Patrick Mathews

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick is responsible for all operational, strategic, and tactical issues related to achieving financial objectives. He makes sure we’ve got the resources we need to stay on track and to fulfill our mission to match exceptional talent with exceptional employers.

Gary Leeman

Chief Operating Officer

Gary helps formulate and execute our strategic objectives and intiatives. He’s focused on implementing the most effective operational policies and procedures to ensure that we deliver a world class experience for our users.

Marcus Jones

Vice President, Technology

Marcus conceives and executes the product design strategy for the Hoops platform. He is a key contributor to product marketing strategy, including the design and branding of Hoops content on the website and social media channels.

Kelly Marc Alston

Vice President, Marketing

Kelly is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of the Hoops marketing and communication initiatives. He makes sure the Hoops message is compelling and consistent on all distribution channels.