At Hoops, we talk to both employers and job seekers to get insights about what they’re looking for, insights that we use to match the right employees with the right companies. That’s why we ask employers to tell us the qualities they value most in hourly job candidates. Here are the top 5 qualities that Hoops employers look for when they interview for open positions:

  1. Team player

If you’ve ever been on a team (athletic or academic), you know how important it is to master your assigned role in order to help the team win. The team concept is just as important in the workplace. Valuable employees don’t strive for individual glory; they seek to understand processes, perfect their positions, and collaborate effectively with co-workers. They genuinely enjoy working with others and they want everyone to succeed. If you haven’t had much experience with teamwork, that’s okay. During the interview, ask questions about the people you’ll be working with and demonstrate a sincere desire to be a valuable team contributor.

  1. Eager to learn

During interviews, employers respond well to candidates who demonstrate a healthy balance between confidence in their potential and modesty about their experience. Interviewers tend to prefer candidates with raw intelligence and a willingness to learn new skills and processes. Why? Many employers have had poor experiences with difficult workers who “knew it all” and were stubborn about adapting to change. 

  1. Flexible

Employers of hourly workers assign work in shifts, and new employees are often hired to work early mornings, nights, and weekends. If you don’t have competing academic or family obligations, your flexibility to work all or most available shifts will enhance your opportunity to get hired. In addition to scheduling flexibility, employers look for flexibility in the variety of positions a candidate is willing to learn. Express a willingness to be trained in more than one position. Versatile workers can step into other roles as necessary to keep a business humming.

  1. Upbeat personality

Happy employees make their co-workers happier, and unhappy employees do the opposite. Upbeat employees enjoy their work and are more productive. They stay in their jobs longer and have a contagious effect on managers, co-workers, and customers. It’s no wonder that candidates with a positive attitude and a sincere smile get hired.

  1. Assertive 

Assertive workers don’t wait to be told what needs to be done; they do it. Companies prefer employees who require less managing. They also need employees who can be promoted, and assertiveness is a great indicator of leadership ability. Demonstrate an appropriate level of assertiveness by researching the company prior to the interview and asking intelligent questions.

Assertiveness may be #5 on our employers’ list, but it could be the #1 reason why you get hired. Finish your interview impressively by reminding the employer why you’re a great fit. Then tell them you want to be part of the team!

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