Do you want to work with great people at one of the top employers in the restaurant or healthcare industry? All it requires is sharp focus on a few key things. With traditional online job hunting resources, you cast your resume into the digital ether, crossed your fingers, and hoped that the giant hiring wheel in the sky stopped spinning when the pointer reached your name. Your smarter competition isn’t taking that approach today, and neither should you.

There are better, more effective ways to help you take control of your job search and land a job you’ll love. Here are the new rules for finding (and getting) a great job.

Location, location, location.
If you want to auction a guitar, you go to eBay. If you want to expand your social network, you use Facebook. That’s what you do, to quote Geico. If you want to find an hourly job, you use a digital platform dedicated to matching top employers in specific industries to pre-screened candidates. That’s what you do. Find where the action is in your niche and make yourself visible.

Sell yourself, creatively.
If you really want a job but don’t have a lot of experience, that’s okay. Employers of hourly workers aren’t just looking for skills; they are looking for highly coachable team players with the character, work ethic, and personality to work well with a team. So think about a specific employer you want to work for. Does that company value teamwork? Then discuss the lessons you learned in team sports in your online profile. Are they looking for leadership and sales abilities? Then talk about your experience as a debate team captain. When you sell yourself creatively, you’re not just showing your skills -  you’re also proving that you are willing to go the extra mile to succeed—and that is very attractive to all employers.

Enjoy the interview.
When you do get contacted for an interview, remember that you’re one of a handful of candidates that got the call. What’s more enjoyable than talking with someone who has a real interest in getting to know you? Yet many people dread the job interview. This is your opportunity to shine when it matters most, by having a positive attitude and demonstrating something important employers want to see—communication skills. In the interview, you will expand on the answers you provided in your profile questionnaire and provide insight into how your life choices have developed your work ethic. Ask a parent or friend to conduct practice interviews with you and then practice, practice, practice. When you can answer questions easily with a smile, you’re ready for showtime!

In addition to helping you land a great job, this approach allows you to think about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Then you’ll really be ready when you get the call.

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