Looking for a new job, especially when you're out of work, can be a daunting process. Job seekers fret about how to find the right position, they wonder whether they’re qualified for open positions, and they stress over how long the job hunt will last. All of these anxieties can accumulate and cause job seekers  to “psych” themselves out, thus hampering the search.

Guess what? If this is you, you're not alone. Let's take a look at three of the most pervasive fears that job seekers struggle with, and how to overcome them.

Fear of change

As humans, we're commfortable with the familiar: it makes us feel safe and in control. Yet, sometimes change is inevitable, and it’s often the first step to an exciting new chapter. Learning to embrace change instead of resisting it will open your eyes to opportunities. Marketing expert and author Seth Godin has said, “…fear can be your compass, it can set you on the right path… Listen to your fear but don’t obey it.” Recognize that feeling anxious or uncertain in your job search is perfectly natural, but don't let it stop you. Do one thing every day to get you closer to a new job – whether it’s scrolling your connections in LinkedIn, talking to friends and relatives, or working on a cover letter for your dream job.

Fear of interviewing

According to one study, 92% of American adults feel anxious about job interviews. So what makes a 9 out of 10 people afraid of job interviews? One major worry is that they will look ignorant or uninformed. Many people have experienced the feeling of their mind going “blank,” usually at the worst possible time. Researching insightful questions you can ask about the company will help you sound (and be) knowledgeable. During your research, don’t forget to visit the company’s LinkedIn page to gain key knowledge about the organizational structure and company mission.

Fear of asking for help

Let’s face it - being in between jobs is not a great feeling, and asking for assistance from friends and colleagues may seem a little awkward. Here’s the good news - “People are far more willing to help than we give them credit for,” says business writer Andrea Ayres-Deets. “Being direct and specific gets the best results.” So instead of telling a friend that you need a  job, be more specific. For example, if you're a server, explain to them that you’re looking for an hourly job in the foodservice industry and give them a copy of your résumé. Remember: people want to help; you just have to give them the specific information they need in order to do it.

Rather than seeing fear as an obstacle, view it as an emotion to be experienced and overcome. As former president Franklin D. Roosevelt wisely said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Don't let fear stop you in your tracks, stay focused on the end result and you'll eventually get the job that you want.

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