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  2. Review local job seekers in your industry
  3. Engage talent with our 1-Click Connect technology
  4. Hire exceptional employees!

See job seekers in a whole new way

Hoops delivers High Definition Talent ProfilesTM which include responses to job-specific questions and video submissions. No need for resume reviews and phone screens - Hoops does all the work!

Get engaged, pre-screened talent

Hoops provides a pipeline of available job seekers who are eager to work for you and who have the skills required to do the job. Our process is specifically designed to identify and engage the top talent for your open positions.

Hire the best - FAST

Hoops eliminates the need to post on job boards, hang a "Now Hiring" sign in your window, or spend valuable time interviewing the wrong people. You get the best talent available right when you need it.

Connect with just 1-click

Our 1-Click Connect technology immediately notifies job seekers via email and text. No more tracking down people for interviews - the people you want will be calling you!

Looking for exclusive talent?

"Hoops is a HUGE time saver! Rather than spending days tracking people down for phone screens, our managers can spend time doing their regular jobs. This is giving us back tons of valuable time to run the business."

David Byrnes, HR Manager
New Holland Brewing Company

"Hoops helped me quickly fill 43 positions for my new restaurant. It's very easy to use because all the information I need is in one place. I can't imagine being able to find the quality of talent I did without Hoops."

Rick Muschiana, Owner
The Sovengard

"The best thing about Hoops is the engagement rate - it's phenomenal! We've tried other solutions and nothing comes close to the level of engaged job seekers we're able to attract with Hoops."

Robert Harris, CEO
Merchant Capital Partners
  • How is Hoops Talent On-Demand different from a job board?
    Unlike posting to job boards and receiving a flood of resumes from unscreened applicants, Talent On-Demand does all the sourcing and screening for you. We deliver High Definition Talent ProfilesTM that you'll be able to review to select the best person for the job.
  • How hard is it to setup and use?
    It's easy! All you do is sign into your account and you'll see a live feed of active job seekers who want to work for you. You can view profiles, 'like' someone for later review, or connect to them instantly with our 1-Click Connect technology.
  • What if we have franchises or group members? Can they access Hoops Talent On-Demand?
    Absolutely! We partner with companies to offer our solution to franchisees and group members. Give us a call to discuss revenue sharing and sponsorship opportunities.
  • How do you know what questions to ask job seekers?
    Our team of talent specialists has years of experience sourcing, screening, and evaluating talent in a variety of industries. Questions are designed to give people a chance to show who they are and what they can do, beyond what's on a resume or application, so companies can make the best decisions about who to hire. Our High Definition Talent Profiles include the questions as well as the responses.
  • How does the 1-Click Connect feature work?
    1-Click Connect instantly notifies job seekers via email and text that you're interested in talking to them. You won't have to spend time tracking them down for interviews, with 1-Click Connect, they'll be calling you!
  • If I start by signing up monthly, can I change my license at any time to move to a 1 year pre-paid account?
    Yes, you can upgrade to an annual pre-paid account at any time.
  • How many job seekers do I get to review?
    New talent is being vetted everyday and there is no limit on the number of people you can review. However, we do limit the number of times you can contact job seekers via 1-Click Connect to once a week and a maximum of three times total.
  • Are job seekers local to my company?
    We start within a 25 mile radius from your location(s) and then you have the ability to refine your search. You can set up alerts that will notify you when new talent that fits your criteria is added to your draft board.

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