How it works

  • Answer job specific questions

  • Connect with interested employers

  • Schedule interviews

  • Get hired

Why Hoops

Hoops creates high definition talent profiles that go way beyond applications or resumes to show employers the skills and experience that make you stand out. Then we show your profile to top employers who compete to interview you. Our platform was designed to make it easy for employers to hire people just like you - the ones who will make a real difference in their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hoops?
    At Hoops, we connect exceptional people to exceptional companies. We've created a technology that allows job seekers to show who they are and what they can do so companies can find and hire the best people available.

  • What happens when I apply for job through Hoops?
    After you apply for a job, you'll receive an email from us asking you to join a hiring sprint. You'll receive messages throughout the entire sprint with instructions and next steps.

  • Who will see my profile?
    Your profile will first be reviewed by our talent selection team. If you met the deadlines and followed all of the instructions in the hiring sprint, your profile will be shared with employers in close proximity to you. You can choose to hide your profile from your previous or existing employers.

  • How will employers contact me?
    Employers will review your profile and, if your profile is a match for one of their open positions, you'll receive both an email and a text message asking you to connect via phone or to schedule an interview.

  • Do you have any resources to help me get a job?
    Absolutely! We want help you do your best in your job search. We've put together a great set of resources that will help prepare you to land a great job in the restaurant industry.