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Pay annually at $1,620 save $180
  • 1 active experience
  • Up to 250 talent profiles
  • 1 user
  • 5 active jobs
  • 1 location
  • Job advertising to free boards
  • PPC job boosting
  • Reporting
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Pay annually at $2,700 save $300
  • 3 active experiences
  • Up to 500 talent profiles
  • 10 users
  • 15 active jobs
  • 5 locations
  • Job advertising to free boards
  • PPC job boosting
  • Reporting
14-day Free Trial


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Active" Experience?
An experience is considered "active" if you are allowing candidates or employees to join. Active experiences have talent in them and are sending email and text messages, and taking in task submissions.
What's included in an "Experience"?
An experience includes:
  • the tracking and management of its talent
  • a timeline that controls the cadence of events talent will receive
  • automations that are triggering behavioral and response-related emails/sms messages
  • a customizable microsite
  • utilization reporting and analytics
Do I have to advertise my jobs to use Experiences?
No, you are not required to post jobs in Hoops to enroll talent into your experiences. Each experience includes a microsite that can be used to enroll talent, and if you have an Enterprise account, talent can be enrolled directly through the Hoops API.
How many experiences do i need?
Typically, our customers start with an experience for each role they are hiring for (ex. sales, marketing, finance, etc.). If you're using Hoops for acclimation or advancement of talent, contact our sales team to learn more about how to best plan the licensing of your account.
Does Hoops integrate with my ATS or HRIS platform?
Yes, we have pre-built connectors for popular ATS platforms, an open API for developers who wish to create custom integrations, and integration professionals who can help!
Can I reuse an experience?
Yes, experiences can be copied and re-used.
How long does it take implement Hoops in my organization?
Hoops is a SaaS application, and extremely user friendly. Your account will be created within minutes, and typically customers are creating experiences and posting jobs in a couple of days.
What if I need help building my experience?
Don't worry, we're here to help! You'll have access to live support 8-5 CST, a knowledge-base with tutorial videos, and live chat with our customer success team. If you'd like for our design team to build your experience, just give us a call for a quote!
I'm a small company, can i use Hoops?
Companies of all sizes utilize the Hoops platform. If you want to create amazing candidate and employee user experiences we have a plan that will work for you!
Is my data secure?
You better believe it! We take security extremely seriously at Hoops and employ the latest security measures in our data centers and on the Hoops servers to ensure your data is safe. We could list out all the impressive letters and compliance laws we follow but you'd probably nod off halfway through and totally miss the point - your data is safe!
How do I know my experience is working?
The first way is that the talent of your organization will be raving fans! Secondly our reporting and analytics will give you the necessary insights to optimize each experience to meet your goals.
Can you leave this last section blank?
No. No we can't, just for the sake of symmetry.

Motivate and empower individuals throughout their employment journey with Hoops.