Streamline your entire talent acquisition strategy and unleash the power of a personalized hiring experience for each and every applicant.

Attract and convert candidates; create meaningful, tailored experiences and analyze everything along the way. Seamlessly integrating with the systems you use everyday all in one platform.

Our Talent Acquisition solution is ideal to:

Attract New Candidates

by easily sourcing talent from thousands of online resources and proprietary passive candidate databases.

Convert Candidates to Applicants

with a fully branded career site, easily customizable capture forms, and high conversion landing pages for each job.

Go Beyond Engaging Applicants

by creating personalized experiences using email, text, in-app messaging, and video with no IT involvement.

Find and attract top active and passive candidates

Break through the noise and target your ideal candidate profiles, easily sharing your job to over 2500 online sources. Manage and track both passive and active PPC advertising campaigns from a single unified system.


The talent journey starts here with a remarkable first impression

Make it easy for your ideal candidates to convert from a casual observer to applicant.  Increase your talent acquisition with a fully branded career site, easily customizable capture forms, microsites, and high conversion “apply” pages for each job.


Move past engaging candidates and create meaningful connections

The hiring journey doesn’t stop once a candidate clicks the “apply now” button; in fact, it’s just the beginning. Leverage email, text, in-app messaging and video to create personalized messaging. Move past simply engaging candidates and create a deeper connection with talent to better understand organizational and cultural fit.


Identify the best candidates as they engage along the journey

As candidates engage with your company along the talent acquisition process, further evaluate if they are truly a great fit. With access to easy to use candidate activity streams and talent pipeline dashboards, get a unique understanding into how a candidate has engaged along the way. Allowing hiring managers to further qualify during the interview process and giving HR teams insights into the entire process.


Bridge the gap between HR and hiring teams

Turn your company's outdated hiring process into a fluid talent acquisition machine. Leverage collaboration tools and workflows to efficiently synchronize teams, ensuring the handoff between HR and hiring teams is seamless.  


Build the perfect talent acquisition journey and scale it

Promote and protect your employer brand leveraging our easy-to-use platform. Create the perfect tailored processes and workflows, then let AI and automation deliver the optimal candidate experience at scale!

Reporting and Analytics

Use key metrics to drive your talent acquisition process

Is your time to hire too slow? Not enough candidates in your acquisition pipeline? How are your conversion rates? Stop guessing and leverage easy to use dashboards to get an understanding of what key metrics are really driving your talent acquisition process.

Hoops Talent Success Solution is perfect for on-boarding new-hires to active employees.

Learn how to turn your hiring process into a talent acquisition machine