Drive loyalty and reduce turn-over with Talent Success; producing active employees throughout the process.

Create raving fans, develop a perfect employee experience, and engage with talent to build long-lasting relationships.

Our Talent Success solution is ideal to:


with talent to successfully acclimate them into their new work environment.


employees level of interest and identify high-potential talent to ensure they are on a personalized track for success.


employees to reduce turn-over and protect your company’s brand.

Make the new employee feel part of the team before they even start

Leverage workflows, processes, and collaboration tools to ensure the candidate has the information and introductions they need to feel part of the team before day 1. Once the offer is accepted, make your soon to be employee feel welcome and excited by automatically sending personalized communications introducing them to the team and culture, setting them up for success from the begining.


Set the right expectations on day 1

Through SMS and email, synchronize teams to ensure candidates have the introductions, checklists and documents they need to be successful on day 1; creating a perfect on-boarding experience attaching the new-hire to the mission, culture, and values of the organization.


Bring high-touch talent success to improve employee experience

A personalized employee experience is the secret to high retention rates. With persona-based onboarding, create tailored experiences for each job role reinforcing why their position is important to the organizations mission, keeping them engaged ensuring new employees are on their own personalized path to success.


Promote continuous improvement and put employees on a track to succeed

Advance talent by developing their skills throughout the employment journey. Leverage an omni-channel strategy to create and deliver micro-learning tracks for an enjoyable, engaging, personalized learning experience.


Build the perfect talent success journey and scale it

Promote and protect your employer brand leveraging our easy-to-use platform. Create the perfect tailored processes, on-boarding, and learning programs then let AI and automation deliver the optimal talent journey to your candidates at scale!


Make key decisions with data, not guesses

Optimize your employee experience strategy. Get notified when talent may be losing interest, identify high-potential talent and get feedback on how your organization is performing. Leverage this data to adjust your approach or to place talent on the appropriate personalized learning paths.

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