Connect talent to the mission, culture, and values of your organization.

Companies that provide amazing talent experiences develop a more productive workforce because they encourage a culture of growth, insight, understanding, engagement, and communication. Hoops helps organizations deliver personalized experiences for every stage of the employment journey.

Employer Brand


of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand

Talent engagement


Companies with engaged employees have 23% greater customer loyalty

Talent retention


Retention rates are 18% higher on average when employees are highly engaged

Attract and recruit top talent

  • Post jobs, recruit socially, and engage both active and passive candidates with your brand
  • Send personalized email and SMS message to keep candidates connected and informed about next steps
  • Get high definition profiles that let candidates demonstrate who they are and what they can do

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Acclimate talent and connect them to your culture and values

  • Make it easy for new hires to be productive quickly with a standardized, streamlined acclimation experience
  • Setup a timeline of tasks so employees can see the big picture
  • Deliver video and text messages from company leadership so new hires get invested in the mission

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Advance talent by developing their skills throughout the employment journey

  • Use the Experience Builder to improve retention of key concepts from personnel development programs
  • Create video, email, or text based check-in messages to keep participants engaged and on track
  • Identify and target high-potential performers with learning experiences to maximize their potential

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Motivate and empower individuals throughout their employment journey with Hoops.