Find talent, connect, and create loyalty with the perfect talent experience

Attract and convert candidates, create meaningful, tailored experiences and analyze everything along the way. Seamlessly integrating with the systems you use everyday all in one platform.

Make the best of your talent acquisition and employee engagement teams!

Talent Acquisition

Acquire new candidates and create meaningful experiences at scale to convert candidates to employees faster than ever before.

Talent Journey

Everything from both solutions to offer meaningful and tailored experiences for talent throughout their journey - from job application to separation

Talent Success

Create talent loyalty, connect using persona-based messaging and maximize employee potential from on-boarding to departure.

Find and attract top active and passive candidates to build an overflowing pipeline of amazing talent

Break through the noise and target your ideal candidate  profiles. Create, manage and track both passive and active advertising campaigns from a single unified system.


The talent journey starts here with a remarkable first impression.

Make it easy for your ideal candidates to convert from casual observer to applicant.  Boost your talent acquisition strategy with a fully branded career site, easily customizable capture forms, and high conversion landing pages for each job.


Deliver the right message at the right time, in the most effective channels

The hiring journey doesn’t stop once a candidate clicks the “apply now” button. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Use this moment to begin to connect the candidate to your mission and culture. Leverage email, text, in-app messaging and video to create personalized messaging and evaluate fit based on how candidates engage along the way


Automate the talent journey at scale

Create the perfect tailored processes and workflows and then let AI and automation deliver the optimal talent journey to your candidates at scale.


Create a seamless and integrated process between all teams and stakeholders in the hiring process

Bring teams together,  make the process of  communicating with candidates, employees, hiring managers and HR easy. Align people, workflows and processes to boost talent engagement and employee loyalty.


Provide engaging employee experiences with On-boarding Success Management

Go beyond providing the administrative functions and activate the employee’s potential by truly immersing them into the company culture and mission through persona-based onboarding.


Maximize employee performance and potential

The employee success depends on a strong process to manage their entire employment journey. Don’t stop engaging talent once they’re onboarded. Create loyalty by developing employees over time, through continuous personalized engagement.


Better understand your talent journey KPIs.

Get visibility into every aspect of your talent journey. Make decisions on how to minimize time to fill, cost per hire, increase employee potential and other key metrics based on real-time data - not guesses!

Why choose Hoops

A single, purpose-built platform to manage your entire Talent Journey

No need for multiple systems to acquire new talent, manage talent engagement and activate employees. Our easy to use, flexible system was specifically designed to create an amazing talent experience for applicants and employees but also remove burdensome obstacles for HR and hiring teams.

Advanced automation to scale your Talent Acquisition and Talent Success processes

What good is technology if it doesn’t help you do something better? Our services and technology platform are designed to help you scale your talent acquisition and talent success processes. We leverage advance automation combined with an omni-channel strategy to replicate workflows effectively, allowing you to scale very personalized experiences across multiple job roles and geographies.

Cost effective solution designed to deliver ROI

Compare our solution to other models of talent acquisition. We think you’ll be surprised by the ROI the Hoops platform or our service model will bring your organization.

Easily keep track of all the metrics that matter most to your HR and hiring teams

Get a deep understanding of the metrics that matter most. Our easy to read dashboards and reports give you data needed to make key decisions on your talent experience strategy.

Learn how Hoops software will speed up your hiring process and build employee loyalty creating the perfect talent journey.